The Top 5 Types of Women Rich Men Want

rich men datingA relationship with a rich man is more than just a physical one. When he is tired of that particular aspect of your relationship, he will be moving on.

Don’t assume that you got a hold on him just because you are good in bed. If you want things to be more serious and not just for a pleasurable satisfaction, you need to know the top 5 types of women that will get the attention of rich men and keep them attracted.

A woman of beauty.

But this doesn’t mean that you just need to be beautiful to get the interest of a rich man. The truth is, attracting them with your physical looks is only half the battle. If you lack the other qualities he is looking for, expect him to walk away. Also, don’t forget that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder since there are some women who were dumped by their men only to date someone less attractive.

A woman who can hold conversation about things that interest him.

For you to carry on interesting conversations, you also need to have tons of interesting ideas in your head. It is important for you to read books, not only the ones on fiction but just about any book that you can get your hands on. You have to hold up your end of the discussion or you should at least be knowledgeable regarding various topics. While common people love to discuss other people, the upper class, on the other hand, talk about current events, politics and ideas.

A woman with sweet personality.

To have a sweet personality doesn’t mean that you should be a total pushover. This means that you need to smile often and never let plenty of things bother or irritate you. You must genuinely like others and be kind in responding to them. Being sweet means that you need to show compassion to other people, stay open to varying viewpoints with no need to be harshly opinionated and stay pleasant even when others are losing their temper. Impossible, isn’t it? But, this is what rich men want in their woman.

A woman who cooks.

You might think that this is not really serious because rich people love to eat outside most of the time. However, this is certainly included on the rich bachelor’s wish list. They prefer to stay at home and enjoy a home cooked meal. They would like their wives to cook for their friends and their business associates. They love the traditional holiday meals complete with the trimmings. It can get tiring to order in or go out to dinner after some time and a rich man would like to enjoy the comforts of his own home.

A woman who is tolerant and patient.

If you don’t have patience, don’t even think that you can date rich men. Successful men put themselves first, their business ventures second and their woman third. Sure, you can come first for several weeks but after some time, you would lose that spot. You also have to be tolerant when phone calls interrupt vacations, romantic moments, dinners and even your bedroom activities. There are lots of things that go on in the lives of rich man and if you can’t tolerate them, you wouldn’t stand the chance to have a relationship with them at all.

These are just the five types of women that rich men want. If you think you are one of them, then, you can look forward to starting a good relationship with successful men that can last for a long time.