The 10 Indispensable Rules on How to Date a Rich Man

meet rich menThere is definitely no woman who wants to go out on a date with a poor man. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only those with a bank account but apparently, you also wouldn’t want to be the one to pay for movies, concerts and dinners all the time, either. When dating a wealthy man, there are important rules that you have to bring with you wherever you go.

1.Pay attention to your looks.

There is no one, even the poor men, who like to be seen with someone who has broken nails and messy hair. Thus, the first rule in dating a rich man is to always pay attention to your physical looks.

2.Be and act like a lady.

Some wealthy men usually lament over the unladylike behavior of their dates in public. Those over displays of attention should be kept in private. Of course, you can be uninhibited behind closed doors but when you are with the company of other people, be and act like a lady. (also view Top 5 Types of Women Rich Men Want)

3.Talk the talk.

Wealthy people are usually well educated and they love to socialize with those who are also well educated. Stay up to date on the latest events so that you wouldn’t find it hard to hold up an intelligent conversation.

4.Even the small details matter.

Sometimes, the clothes don’t matter as much as the accessories. The set of creamy white pearls, rich pair of boots and pretty scarf all play an important role. Accessorize properly and never skimp on the small details.

5.Monitor your wardrobe.

Without a doubt, your men and the ladies that belong to his circle will scrutinize the clothes that you wear. Never put on something too sexy or revealing and instead, invest in several classic pieces.

6.Watch your makeup.

You will notice that wealthy women never cake on cheap makeup products. They also take good care of their skin, which means that excessive tanning is a big no-no.

7.Know the dress code.

Every time your man takes you out, you have to be aware of the dress code for that event or place where he will take you to. Being a bit overdressed is way better than to end up under-dressed.

8.Go classy, not trampy.

There might be a few wealthy men who love surrounding themselves with former strippers but they will never date them seriously. If you want the relationship with the rich man to be in for a long haul, go classy instead of trampy.

9.No to pretentions.

Never pretend to be someone you are not. Lying doesn’t have any room at all when it comes to a relationship with a rich man.

10.Be conscious of your posture.

It might sound a bit ridiculous, but if you can, never, ever slouch. Sit up straight all the time. Slouching will only make you cheap and slovenly. Avoid chewing gum as well. This is messy and unladylike.

If you look back on this list, you will realize that these tips are not just applicable when dating a rich man but even other men, no matter how little money he might have. Keep them in mind and who knows, you might have the best relationship ever.