5 Best Kept Secrets on How to Find Rich Men Looking For Love

How do you find the Mr. Rich and Mr. Right at the same time? Here are the 5 best kept secrets that you can use to finally meet that rich man looking for love.

1.Join some of the specialty dating websites.

With the internet taking the whole world by storm today, you can find a lot of online dating sites that are primarily geared to average income women who are searching for high income men. But, as a word of caution, you have to be extra careful when you use these services. When things sound too good to be true, chances are it is.

2.Visit their favorite shopping areas.

The Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Upper East Side in New York, Lincoln Park in Chicago or Bel Air in LA are all good examples of parts of the metro areas where the rich and affluent love to shop and cluster together. Right now, your wallet might not allow you to have those expensive dinners or shop for clothes at Barneys but it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to meet a man who does. You can get started by buying venti lattes, doing grocery shopping or running errands in the upscale neighborhoods. When you frequent the places that the rich love, there’s a higher chance that you will bump into them sooner or later.

3.Try to volunteer.

Just like the charity events, one of the great ways of meeting financially stable and quality men is through volunteering. For instance, volunteering at a local hospital can expose you to a bigger pool of surgeons or doctors that you might not otherwise meet in a different setting. The political organizations might also attract successful and ambitious men.

4.Attend the charity events.

Probably among the best where you can find rich men looking for love who also happen to be generous at wallet and heart alike is at charity events. Galas, polo matches and other things that involve cultural institutions can be wonderful places for you to start. Aside from possibly meeting someone, you will also feel good since you will give back and help a charitable organization.

5.Learn a new hobby.

While it is not advisable to try things that you hate in the first place just so you can meet someone, some luxury sports such as golf, tennis, scuba diving and sailing usually attract those men who have money that they can dispose of. Spending some of your free time at the marina or on a golf course can also boost your chances of meeting successful men and as a good plus, this will also give you something interesting to discuss should he finally ask you out on a date.

If you get to find your Mr. Rich and Mr. Right, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you will still be experiencing some ups and downs, just like in any normal and ordinary relationship. Don’t forget that in spite of their financial security, these rich men are still men.