3 Fancy Tips on Setting the Mood on a Date with Some Rich Guy

date rich menIt’s not every day that you get to go on a limo or Audi for a romantic date with the rich guy you have been always dreaming of. Rich guys and earning a date with them is not something that happens every day so you need to be prepared for hot so bring mood change, how to boost the mood, how to create a fancy date and what needs to be done to set the mood and romance. Try to inculcate some of the most romantic and beautiful gestures in your date so that you get to have more often of such dates with rich guys because trust me it is harder than it seems to impress them.

Girls have always made fifty shades of gray type fantasies where they get to be hitched by some filthy rich billionaire and how they would go along as the meeting turns into a dinner date or whatsoever. Every other guy does not fall for your simplicity and not every rich man is lusty for your beauty and grace. There is much more to the picture than just fancy lights and façade of beauty. Some of the tips every girl can try to set the mood when she goes on a date with a rich man are listed below

Tip # 1: Go for sensuality and sensual sights

When you are fortunate enough to go on a date with a rich guy then make sure you use candles to create the sensuality in the air. Use of candles is sigil of romance and channelizes the proximity of getting intimate sometime near in the future. As a result your rich guy would be turned on and things might go in your favor if the lighting and ambiance is great.

Tip # 2: your attire, clothes and the right sort are perfect to set the mood

Often it is thought that the rich guys and even the normal ones are lured by your dressing sense. You can easily capture a heart with your right choice of clothes and makeup. Men fancy prettiness and sometimes glamour. The times have flown by when men loved simplicity, because only a girl with MAC lipstick and Victoria secret’s lingerie is capable of setting the mood of a rich man. If you pay attention to such intricate details and focus on the richness of detail, then for sure conclusively the man would be drawn to you without much of a flirtation from your end.

Tip # 3: Sound of Music that resonates with the beats of heart

As cliché and as old it may sound, but trust only good music does all the work on the date. If you are out with a guy who took you on a drive in his limo and after all the chit chat and dinning the music is not supporting then you are in trouble. Go for the music that lures the guys towards you because music does play a significant role in capturing your attention and setting the romantic date at the end.